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The Last Long Island Company

With all the consolidation of packaging distributors in the recent years Price Paper is the last and only local supplier of foodservice packaging and paper products on Long Island.


Recently, our industry has gone through and is continuing to go through many changes. Since the "Great Recession" many businesses have experienced "margin compression". More simply put, we're working harder to make less money.  We've all had to tighten our belts, evaluate our costs and expenses or go out of business. Packaging companies like Price Paper are no different in this respect than our customers. We've all felt the pinch of the recession. But because we're an agile company with both 70 years of experience and a young and dynamic management team we've adapted, adjusted, improved our efficiencies and come out of the other side of the recession even stronger than before.

Our competitors have not been so fortunate. The number of major competitors that have closed their doors, sold out to larger companies or simply left Long Island can barely be counted on one hand. Burke Supply, Center Moriches Paper, Bunzl New York, Silfen Berman and now Borax Paper - all gone. Either purchased, out of business or simply left Long Island. I'm sure I'm missing a few of the smaller ones but no matter.

While this presents a great opportunity for our business and our customers I have to lament the loss of competition. Competition is good for local businesses like you and me. These were good companies, some of which had a history that dates back almost as long as our own. We hope to fill the void where we can and help other businesses fill the void that has been left by their passing. This is our ongoing mission. Personal service, caring and taking the time to know each individual customer and their needs will not die on our watch. This we pledge.

With all these changes, consolidations and so forth I want to take a minute, pause in the middle of this whirlwind, and thank all of our loyal customers who've helped Price Paper continue to thrive. We appreciate you and all you do for us. We never forget that without you, our customers, we are nothing. We will continue to do our best to be worthy of your continued loyalty and support.


Ean J Price

Benevolent Dictator and Chief Cat Herder of Price Paper & Twine Company

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